Medical Center of the Rockies
Loveland, Colorado

Medical Center of the Rockies (MCR), in Loveland, Colorado, is a state-of-the-art critical care facility that not only promotes health and healing, but also supports the environment, enhances staff comfort, and benefits the bottom line through sound product purchases and energy efficiency. The campus includes a six-story, 595,000 SF hospital and a three-story, 89,000 SF medical office building.

Master Plan - One of the primary goals in planning for MCR was to create a master facility plan which allows for future expansion without disruption of ongoing services. Heery ▪ HLM | design’s solution for this 90 plus acre campus utilizes a flexible framework of buildings and connections, which are designed to be expanded horizontally without altering their patterns. Thanks to the planning and the openness of the site, MCR will not be subject to costs and disruptions posed by vertical expansion.


Medical Center of the Rockies Main Entrance


Basement Level Floor Plan - The design encompasses circulation systems with respect to the movement of staff, patients and materials, which translates directly into time, operational, and energy cost savings.


First Level Floor Plan


Second Level Floor Plan


Third Level Floor Plan


Fourth Level Floor Plan


Fifth Level Floor Plan


Lobby - Using the breathtaking views of the Rocky Mountain Front Range, the design team brought the peaceful sensibility of the mountains inside by creating a four-story atrium that feels like the lobby of a resort hotel.


Nursing Area – Thanks to the vision of the design team and the owner’s advisory group, patient floors offer a continuum of the hospitality setting the owners envisioned. This is evidenced in the stacked stone, artfully crafted reception desks, warm colors and ample artwork, celebrating the work of Colorado artists.


Cafeteria – The dining area is located on a garden level with direct access to the outdoor dining court with extensive landscaping, barbeque, and water features.


Trauma Room


Daylit Corridors - Due to sheer size of most hospitals and the need to consolidate space and services, the interior environments are often deprived of daylight. In order to offset this dilemma, at MCR natural light was incorporated into as many areas as possible, such as this administrative hallway.


Patient Room – Efficiency was an integral consideration in designing patient wings and patient rooms. Patient rooms are slightly larger than average to accommodate family members and afford ease of movement for staff.


Sky Terrace – The stunning 5th floor sky terrace offers a panoramic view of Colorado’s Front Range, one of the many outdoor amenities that lend a healing touch.


Courtyard / Garden - Quiet, stone lined gardens enhance patient healing as well as visitor and staff comfort.


East Panorama - The design team sited the facility to maximize Rocky Mountain views and daylighting opportunities.


Wetlands / Walking Trail - The main entrance offers easy access to the campus’ peaceful nature trail.